Effective Marketing of Pills&Drinks

Here we are! Summer, sunny and warm weather, holidays.. but are you fit enough? If the answer is no don’t panic, the web is full of companies ready to give you advice and sell you miracle products. Some of them are quite famous like fitvia or natural mojo but there’s plenty more.

I noticed that this trend was blowing up some months ago on Youtube and social media like Facebook and Instagram. Those platforms were, and still are, overrun by pictures of VIPs, youtubers and influencers with tea and shakes useful (apparently) to help you to lose weight.

But what’s behind that? All these companies have in common is a brilliant marketing strategy based on a strong advertising plan throughout social media and a deep knowledge of customers expectations, starting from one the biggest obsession of this century: be slim, beautiful, successful and confident. The target is made of 90% by women from 25-35 years from all walks of life.

On what those companies focus the most?


If we take a look on the web site of those companies, the first thing that shows up is a window with the suggestion to subscribe to the newsletter in order to be updated on the launch of a new product or new recipes and, in exchange, you will receive a 10% discount on the first purchase, a sort of welcome offer.

The look and feel is simple but effective, the choice of a perfect combination of pastels colors, young smiling (and fit) women and the fact that they use a very simple (understandable for everybody) language for content are for sure a perfect mix for success in term of users traffic.


The bestsellers products are only a small part of the entire offer, in fact the choice is huge. Products are categorized based on the part of your body you want to treat (weight and body, skin and face, nails and hair but also mood and mind) and/or the results you want to achieve (tightens, tones and firms). What you can put in the basket? You can buy shakes, capsules, protein powders, coffee, bars but also accessories like cups, shakers, infusers etc..

Most of the ingredients are natural like green tea, matcha tea, coconut, papaya, strawberry, blueberry, pomegranate etc… For every product is available, on the website, the ingredient list followed by the nutritional value table.


Instagram is the advertising kingdom for these companies. You will find lots of pictures/reviews  by Instagram influencers and/or bloggers saying how perfect and effective is a product for their body and sometimes they suggest you fresh and healthy recipes, based on the season, that help you to stay or get fit. Pictures are also followed by slogans with the aim of communicating positive messages like: you are important, you deserve better, you can be better, love your body …

Moreover, most of those people have a personal discount code that you can use for your purchases. There are many youtubers in fact that during a day vlog show you which kind of product they bought and suggest you to use their code so that you can benefit for a little discount.


One of the best tactics that companies use to prove the quality and the effectiveness of products is to send a pack of them to the main newspapers headquarters in exchange for an endorsement. And this is the case! In fact many journalists working on the newsroom of famous magazines like Glamour, Grazia, Cosmopolitan, had tested & endorsed coffee, shakers etc.. If the “tasters” are satisfied, the magazine will for sure publish one or more article with the reasons why you should purchase the products or even a sort of weekly or monthly diary where, for example, the journalist chronicled her physic status before and after a shaker treatment.


— So where is the catch? —

First of all, if you read carefully the ingredients is true that most of them are natural but there are also the generic voice flavorings and in some of them sugar. My question is, why do you need to add flavorings and sugar if the the other ingredients are high quality standards?

Second, the price. If you want to keep your body thin or loose weight with those products prevent an important budget, three caps packages for example costs around 100,00€ and a detox pack with 12 bars 25,00€. If you use those products every single day, at the end of the month you will see the result on your bank account. Especially if you want to buy a detox tea or similar just go to a herbal store, your wallet will thank you!

Third and in my opinion the most important, there isn’t a scientific evidence about the successful slim effect on your body after the assumption of those products.




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