Is the London Pass worth your Money?

What is it?

The London pass is the official sightseeing card that gives you access to more than 80 attractions in London an it’s available in 2 formats: plastic card and digital. Within the London Pass package you also get a mini guide and a map with the list of attractions included in the pass and information like opening hours, directions, a little bit of history and few pills and tips useful during your stay in London.

Price £

Since you can choose from 1 day pass up to 10 days pass, the price depends on how long you plan to stay in the city. The price also differs for an adult pass compared to a child pass (children under 11 have it for free), the convenience increases if you buy the London Pass from 3 days up to 10 days. There is almost no discount for adult and children if you purchase 1 day pass or 2 days pass.

Prices are updated as of February 2020

Purchase and Collect

The London Pass can be purchased on The Official London Pass website. Once you decided on the pass duration you can choose from 3 different kinds of collections:

  • The pass can be picked up in the Central London collection desk (open 7 days a week, from 10 AM to 4:30 PM)
  • You can choose to download the London Pass app and have the pass just purchased instantly on your mobile.
  • The pass can be shipped to your home paying a fee which differs from standard or express shipping and also based on the Country you are from.

Travel card

Once landed in London you’ll notice that public transports are extremely expensive. You’ll need to buy a travel card called Oyster card which will allow you to catch buses, metro/tube, docklands light rail and trains. Card prices differ based on how long you stay in London and how often you want to use the public transport.

Prices are updated as of February 2020

The advantage of a combo Oyster card and London pass is that if you buy the London Pass+travel package, your electronic Oyster Card will be pre-loaded with the credit in order to match your London Pass duration.

But is it convenient?

In my opinion yes but with a condition: your permanence has to be at least 4/5 days in order to have time to make the most use of the pass. If you are in doubt you can make a list of attractions that you want to see and compare the total entry costs with and without the London Pass.

Let’s take an example of a 3 days trip:

A London Pass for 3 days costs £ 109.00 but considering the above plan, you’ll spend £ 90.00 without purchasing the pass, saving £20.00. This is of course just an example in order to show you how adapt your trip.

Can I enjoy London even if I don’t want to buy the London pass?

Luckily there is another option you can go for in order to enjoy your stay without missing the most of the city and this is called: free museums 🙂

This might astonish some of you but in London there are at least 27 free museums and some of them are the most famous in the world like:

Image result for tate modern

In addition to this, you can also count the outdoors places as:

  • Big Ben
  • Tower Bridge
  • Chinatown
Image result for chinatown london
  • Covent Garden Market
  • Piccadilly Circus
  • Trafalgar Square

… and the green hearts of London like:

  • Hyde Park
  • Greenwich Park
  • St James Park

In conclusion, there is no exact answer to the question Is the London Pass worth your Money? as it depends on you and specifically: how many and what attractions you want to visit, what’s your budget and for how long you can stay in London.

In any case, either you go for the London Pass or not, it will be an extraordinary experience! 🙂

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